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The official release for the CD is December 3rd 2021.

Album „Time Traveller“ by Nico Sings Country, (c) 2021
Compact Disc

„With music we transcend time.
Everytime we listen to a song we can visit the past
and travel to new places in the present and future.“
~ NICO ~

1. Now We‘re Talking
2. Small Town Angel
3. Can‘t Stop Thinking
4. Bullet Bra
5. Buzz Me Up
6. Back Cycling Rag
7. Thanks For The Memories
8. Empty Calendar Blues
9. Bitch It Away
10. Jukebox On the Mexican Border
11. Hope To See
12. Put My Name On a Billboard
13. Grandma‘s Rainbow
14. Texas Bound

© 2021 all songs written and produced by Nico Röwenstrunk
Recorded 2020/2021.
Mixed and mastered by Allen Crider in Austin, Texas

Special Guests featuring John Howie Jr. (Vocals on Put My Name On a Billboard) &
Cindy Cashdollar (Steel Guitar on Texas Bound)

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